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7 Day Med Spa

Travel Kit



This luxurious medical grade skincare line is made compact enough for you to take on your travels. You no longer have to carry your heavy bottles or estimate how much to bring. Each kit lasts at least one week. Relax and treat yourself as if you were enjoying a med spa. If you want to continue your treatment at home, go to MAISKIN.COM where you can see all the other wonderful products we have made for you.


Step 1: Hydrate Cleanser – A vitamin enriched, milky, hydrating cleanser that gently cleans your skin. Wash your face twice a day and prepare it for the following beauty treatments.


Step 2: Affirm Eye Serum – Infuse your delicate eye skin with peptides and antioxidants that help firm your skin. Apply twice a day around your eyes, including the eyelids.


Step 3: Volumize Serum – Help boost your skin volume and decrease your wrinkles with technological ingredients that signal your skin cells to act younger. Pump twice, and apply to your clean face in the morning and evening.


Step 4: Illumalift Cream – Do more than moisturize your skin! Help make your skin more elastic, firmer and brighter with this active formulated cream. Pump twice, and apply to your face after the serum in the morning and evening.


Step 5: Refresh Mist – Keep your face moist with benefits from the sea. This refreshing tonic is infused with sea minerals and seaweed extracts. Hydrate your face by spraying on this mist during your flight. For post flight maintenance, spray this mist on your face to set your make up, and spray throughout the day to keep your face moisturized.