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STEP 1: Cleansers

Cleaning your face in the morning and in the evening is an important step to prepare your skin for its skincare regimen.  Our cleansers not only clean your skin but also hydrate and brighten your skin.

STEP 2: Toners

Our toners are also skin boosters.  Each toner is designed to add moisture to the skin and to increase the penetration of the skincare products that follow.  Refine Toner also has the added benefit of brightening your skin.

STEP 3: Exfoliator & Mask

Your skin can either be chemically or mechanically exfoliated.  Chemical masks run the risk of burning the skin.  Lotions with plastic beads are harmful to the environment.  Our mask is made from natural ingredients such as oat, adzuki beans and bamboo that are ground to a very fine powder for a gentler exfoliation.  Safe enough for even sensitive skin.

STEP 5: Face Serums

Brimming with concentrated active ingredients, our face serums target specific problems such as deep wrinkles, dark spots, and sun damage.  Working at the molecular level our serums penetrate deeper than creams.

STEP 6: Face Creams

Derived from skin-quenching formulas, our moisturizers rejuvenate your skin.

STEP 7: Night Creams

While you having you beauty sleep, your night cream will help regenerate your beautiful skin.

STEP 8: Facial Mists

Refresh Mist hydrates your skin throughout the day.  In the summer, the mist provides an invigorating burst of cool relief after spending time in the sun.  In the winter, the mist offers hydration from the dry air.  This watery spay fortified with minerals and plant extracts will also set make-up and give you that dewy look throughout the day and night.