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Dr. Carolyn Mai

Welcome to MAISKIN (pr. My Skin)!

I have been practicing medical aesthetics for almost a decade and my passion is making people beautiful. I also love to travel and found no skincare line focuses on helping you achieve beautiful skin while traveling. Now I introduce to you a physician developed medical skincare line packed in small bottles. This 7 Day Med Spa is light and compact which is important with today’s restrictions with the airlines. It is also environmentally conscious since less packaging is used and lightness helps save on fuel. Once you fall in love with the 7 Day Med Spa regimen you may want to buy a complete set once you get back. If you have other issues, such as spots or blemishes, we have serums and crèmes for you. I wanted a clean, natural, plant based skincare line with the latest technology in for you. Active Ingredients are the latest and most innovative found to support improvement in your skin.

Unveil a younger and more beautiful you